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FREE NHS eye tests at home for anyone who finds it difficult to visit the opticians.


Why we do what we do…

We are two people with a passion; to put ‘caring’ back into eyecare – as qualified optometrists, that’s what we fundamentally aspire to do!

We set up a home eyecare service after listening to our clients’ needs. Family and friends told us of the challenges they have faced getting eyecare out to their loved ones when they are no longer able to get to an optician. We have heard our clients’ struggles, living without lost glasses that could easily have been replaced and undiagnosed eye conditions that could have been treated if caught earlier. Thanks to our personalised approach, we now hear how our visits and the resulting improvement to the client’s vision has given them a new lease of life, greater mobility, confidence and independence.

With this knowledge plus over 10 years’ experience in delivering eyecare to clients in their own homes, it was a clear decision to come together to form LIVE Opticians Home Eyecare Service.

Our approach is simple; to treat everyone with care and respect and aim for 100% satisfaction every time. Whether the adjustment needed is little or large, our aim is always to improve not only vision, but quality of life too.

Treating each client individually and tailoring our visit according to their needs, our eye heath checks take a minimum of one hour with no time limit imposed. If glasses are required, they are delivered within two weeks and fitted by an optometrist. We have a unique way to monitor and asses the eye through latest portable retinal camera technology.

A service with heart – LIVE Opticians Home Eyecare Service – improving the quality of life for everyone we meet through vision – that’s who we are! Let us put the ‘care’ back into eyecare for you!

Our Experts

We also screen for:






Why Us?


There are so many reasons why we should be your first choice for providing eyecare for yourself or your loved one, such as:

  • ALL our optometrists have over five years’ experience delivering eyecare at home. This includes providing eyecare to clients with:
  • dementia,
  • alzheimers
  • cerebral palsy
  • mental health or challenging behaviour
  • stroke
  • arthritis
  • those with limited communication
  • learning disabilities and much much more!
  • Note: We even have the latest optical equipment to examine clients with limited communication and there is no reason why an accurate eye health check and eye examination can’t be achieved wherever possible.
  • Unique Portable Retinal Camera equipment
  • We offer a wide selection of high quality spectacle frames that are delivered and fitted by an optometrist within two weeks.
  • We have chosen to partner with Rodenstock, a German lens manufacturer, pioneers in visual precision with the highest technical standards since 1877

If you only need one reason:

We have listened to our clients and know this is a much needed service. We have a genuine passion and aim to provide the best possible eyecare, regardless of their medical condition and to improve their quality of life however simple or complicated the requirement is. We put the caring back into eyecare!



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